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Google’s announcement on a sunset date for Universal Analytics (UA) has led to many brands frantically figuring out how to carry out the major change of switching to Google Analytics 4 (GA4). This paradigm shift is the first real overhaul since the beginning of Google Analytics. But this shouldn’t be a moment of fear and instead should be seen as an opportunity to embrace the technology. The expert global panel from 55 will discuss:

  • The evolution of GA4 and why it took place
  • How to get started migrating your data
  • Four key differences between UA and GA4

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Universal Analytics VS. Google Analytics 4: 
4 Key Differences All Digital Marketers Need to Know


Wednesday, 11/16 - 11 AM EST | 4 PM GMT

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It is vital to get started on the platform today while you can still run both platforms at the same time. This session will be one worth bookmarking for every digital marketer who works within the Google ecosystem.

Meet our speakers


Rico Dittrich

Project Lead & Privacy Ambassador

55 United States


Rob Tracy

55 United States

Analytics Specialist

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Innovation Consultant

55 United Kingdom

Rico brings years of cross-functional relationships with international enterprise clients to the 55 team. As a manager for senior data analysts and tracking specialists, Rico and his team have successfully enhanced the web and app analytics capabilities of global brands big and small to ensure a smooth end-to-end strategy and execution.

An experienced digital marketer with a strong focus in implementation, Rob is passionate about using analytics to drive customer traffic and enhance user experience. Rob provides digital expertise to a wide-range of 55’s clients and has years of Google Analytics, Google Marketing Platform and Data Studio experience. 

Can has more than a decade of experience working across Analytics & MarTech across agency and advertiser-side. At 55, Can led the solution design and implementation of various global analytics projects - including  bespoke data collection projects and integration of analytics and marketing solutions. 

Can Ozcer

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Paris  •  London  •  Hong Kong  •  New York  •  Shanghai  •  Geneva  •  Shenzhen •  Taipei  •  Singapore. •  Milan